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Monday Mood Booster: Beginnings

by Mar 2, 2020

Welcome back! With March newly beginning, this week we’ll be focusing on just that–beginnings. From the first impressions you make in your employment placements to the clean slate each day offers up, make the most out of every moment. Check out the sayings we’ve curated below to bring a fresh sense of energy to the start of your March:

Let yourself build a solid foundation for your work performance through your positivity. Thinking of each day as a new beginning is a great way to continue making sure you’re open to the possibilities around you in your workplace. Whether it’s your first day at work or your hundredth, keep making sure you’re bringing that same fresh energy to your interactions with your colleagues, treating every moment as if it’s a chance to make another first, great impression.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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