Building Foundations for Successfully Working from Home

by Mar 18, 2020

With a changing world at work and beyond, we know that many employees out there are transitioning to working remotely. In order to help you ease into that transition and to keep up the great work you’ve already been doing, this week’s blog posts will focus on tips for working from home. Whether this is your first day working remotely or your thousandth, the steps we’ve assembled for you today will help set you on a course for professional success outside of a traditional workplace. 


If you’ve never worked from home before (and even if you have), there’s no better place to look for tips than these “8 Remote Working Tips for Beginners” from Remote Year: “Consider your workspace. Set yourself up for success in a place where you can focus on the tasks at hand. …Create a designated spot for work at home, make sure that you feel motivated by your environment and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.” Find a spot that’s comfortable without being too comfortable. A great way to keep yourself connected to the outside world is to open a window. Let those spring breezes offer you a bit of reinvigoration and keep you centered. 


These “23 Essential Tips for Working Remotely” from Lindsey Pollak and Eileen Coombes over at Inc. will help you keep going strong while working remotely: “Dress and groom professionally. Your morning prep routine plays a large role in determining your mindset for the day. It’s tempting, but don’t make a habit of joining conference calls in bed in your pajamas. You’ll find you’re more productive when you dress for the day and brush your teeth.” These small cues have a huge payoff in terms of keeping you in the right mindset. Do take advantage of the comforts offered up by your home, but make sure you’re balancing that with the need to remain professionally motivated. Continuing to wear the outfits you were already planning on wearing for your workdays is an easy way to maintain a sense of continuity even as your workplace changes.


Amidst all of these transitions, know that we’re here for you as much as we can be, even from afar. We’ll be regularly checking in with our employees and our clients–continuing our signature Contemporaries method of providing a personal approach to employment services. You truly are not just a number to us. We’re rooting for you. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for even more ways to help develop your home into a successful working environment.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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