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by Mar 26, 2020

During these unprecedented circumstances, it’s easy to lapse into a slump. But keep your chin up! Though it may feel like the work you’re doing doesn’t matter, every task you complete to help your overall organization has a positive impact on the world beyond your front door. Keep that in mind while you’re working from home. And keep up your clear communication with those around you! The methods we’ve assembled below will help you keep your mood up while contributing remotely to your company.


Our first positivity tip comes from Julie Fuimano at Monster: “Be constructive, positive, meaningful and beneficial. What is the point or purpose of what you’re saying? Is it to hurt or help? And at the end of the conversation, is there an action step to take? Constructive conversations are empowering and leave people a little better off from having participated in them. Become the kind of person who takes your time and words seriously.” While working remotely may make it feel like the impact of your words and work is muted, you’re actually still strongly connected to your workplace community. And your words have power. Make sure you’re speaking and writing in ways to uplift those around you, whether it be through constructive feedback or praise–and a healthy balance of both is essential to serving as a source of positivity in any professional environment. 


Next up is a suggestion we love from Erica Hersh at Positive Routines: “Focus on the impact you’re having. Focusing on how you’re making an impact can help you up your positive thinking on the job. When your days seem endless, think about what makes your work meaningful, whether it’s your relationship with your coworkers, your organization’s mission, or what you’re helping your customers do….If you take some time to think about it, you’ll probably find that giving is a part of your job too. What service does your company or organization provide to people? How does that help them?” Remember that your work has an impact on the world! Even though these days you might be mostly seeing the inside of your apartment, the work you’re doing remotely affects the landscape beyond your front door. Whether it’s making sure people can get to their doctors’ appointments or helping a university department maintain its operations to help folks further their education, you are making a difference. Take that to heart! And use that knowledge to uplift those around you. 


We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again: you’re not alone in this. Look to that notion as both a source of comfort and a call to action. Let others replenish your strength when you need it–and then share that positivity with others as soon as you are able. We’ll be finishing up the week with our Feel Good Friday: Positivity edition, so be sure to check back in tomorrow for even more tricks for maintaining positivity in your life and the lives of your colleagues.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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