Keep Going And Keep Growing

by May 28, 2020

After the initial excitement of returning has worn off, you may find yourself feeling like work is a drag. It may also feel difficult to sustain your initial sense of success upon re-entering your professional environment after you’ve had a chance to see that your strengths can still shine through. Today we’re looking at ways to both perk you up and keep you going–ways to help you maintain your workplace momentum while remaining mindful in the present. Check out the methods from the pros that we’ve assembled below for ways to do just that.


Kayla Sloan at Business 2 Community offers up this trick for bringing a fresh mindset to work each day: “Set Daily Goals. Another way to keep your momentum in a repetitive business is to set daily goals for yourself. Setting daily goals gives you something to work toward every day. They can also keep you going when you feel like quitting…Having a daily goal you haven’t yet reached can help you continue working until you’ve hit your goal. You may not make it some days, but having a goal to reach will make you work harder.”  As the saying goes, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” It’s okay if you miss your goals for a day; the most important parts lie in setting those goals and striving towards them. This will help you get organized at the start of each work day, allowing you to properly allot your energy. Beginning each day with a plan also demonstrates to your bosses that you’re committed to both your personal growth and that of the overall organization.


Speaking of both personal and professional growth, Dan Coughlin at Ladders provides this tip to help you both maintain and grow your successes:  “Your Terms. Take out a sheet of paper and write down your definition of success. What does achieving success mean to you? For example, my definition of success is bringing a vision into reality. Since I get to choose the vision I want to bring into reality this allows me to not get caught up in what other people consider to be success. Or if I am working with another person to clarify the desired vision then I have chosen to co-create that vision with this individual or group of people. However, we are creating the desired vision and not allowing other people to impose their standards on us. In general what does success mean to you? What is your definition? Then I encourage you to think about the different areas of your life both on an individual basis and in terms of the organizations you are a part of. Write down specifically what you consider success to be for each of the different aspects of your life.” You can use this trick in conjunction with today’s first method; think of your daily goals as daily steps towards your larger success. And let that vision of your success inspire you, fueling your inner fire as you continue moving forward off of your initial burst of energy upon returning to a faster pace at work. Don’t let working towards your overall goal overwhelm you! Instead, break it up into daily things that you can do–and small steps that you can take every day to strive towards both daily and longer term careers breakthroughs.


Every work week offers up a fresh canvas, each work day a blank page ready to be filled with your goals and intentions. Instead of thinking of your recent return to work as your only new start, let every single moment offer up that opportunity. Start small. You can build to a brighter future. Be sure to check back tomorrow as we close out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Momentum edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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