Feel Good Friday: Change

by Jun 5, 2020

Happy Friday! Just as you’ve made it to the end of the week, you’ve made it through all the changes life has so far thrown your way. Every obstacle has offered up a chance for a fresh start in terms of how you navigate both what happens and its effects. Let go of anything that has not worked for you in the past; let change reinvigorate you rather than scaring you–and share that positivity with your colleagues. To help provide a guiding light this Friday, we’re highlighting the sayings below:



To refer back to one of this week’s experts, you can make change. You don’t have to solely let changes happen to you. And that proactive planning can empower you. When your routine is shaken up, find the silver lining. Change offers up opportunities for exploration. This weekend, do some professional reflection and exploration so that you’re ready to hit the ground running on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you back here soon for our newest Monday Mood Booster!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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