Ways to Keep Your Cool at Work, No Matter What

by Jul 21, 2020

As we’re deep in the grasp of hot summer weather here in Boston, it’s even more important to keep your inner landscape cool, calm, and collected. It’s easier to get needlessly worked up when uncomfortable temperatures come into play! But you can beat the summer heat, no matter what. This is a perfect time to practice casting your aggravation aside in favor of letting your level-headed leadership qualities shine through. Maintaining your cool in the face of any workplace obstacle is a surefire way to impress your employers. The pros we’re turning to below offer up some phenomenal tips on ways to keep calm and carry on:


We love this imaginative exercise from Siimon Reynolds at Forbes: “DEVELOP A CLEAR VISION OF YOUR IDEAL VERSION OF YOU. Write down the type of person you wish to be. Not your career goals, just the kind of human being you aspire to become. Few people have ever done this, yet it can be incredibly inspiring and clarifying to do so. Be sure to include a sentence or two about remaining calm under pressure, being unattached, or perhaps staying optimistic in all circumstances. Becoming this person should become your primary aim. Read the summary of the Ideal You every morning, think about it throughout the day, make it a constant part of you. The more you do this, the more you will begin to exhibit the same excellent character traits of this person.” Just as writing out a to do list helps you move through your daily activities, creating this aspirational list will help clarify the steps you need to take in order to become your ideal self. Remember that you need to move beyond any individual aggravating experiences–to keep the bigger picture in mind. And that bigger picture includes a calmer, more positive you. Whenever you’re feeling stressed, look again to the ideal version of yourself that you’d like to embody. And strive towards that instead of getting caught up in workplace drama!


Speaking of workplace conflict, Jennifer Smith at Time offers up this phenomenal tip for de-escalating situations where you find yourself butting heads with your bosses or colleagues:  “Hit ‘pause’ before responding. A quick, emotionally charged reaction will almost always result in more work, more conflict and more of a mess to clean up. The next time you feel yourself about to snap, take a moment and pause. Take a short walk, even if it’s just a lap around the office, and force yourself to think about the perspectives of everyone else involved in the situation. Reflecting on where your colleagues are coming from, and why they might disagree with you, will help you come back ready to broker a solution…When you maintain your cool, you can see the big picture and offer a helpful response, which not only diffuses the tension, but also demonstrates your leadership abilities.” Your actions have an impact on everyone around you in your professional environment, which is why making sure you can keep your cool is a key component of career success. Take a deep breath. Unclench your jaw. Take a lap around your workspace. Let go of the tension you’re holding in your body so that you can also let go of any mental tension that may be causing your blood to boil.


By considering both who you’d like to be and where you’re currently at, you can instill calm within yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes as you strive towards the ideal version of yourself–but make sure that you’re also acknowledging that others will be making mistakes along the way, too, and approach resolving any workplace conflicts by keeping your shared humanity in mind. Everyone brings their own unique strengths to their workplace. Instead of allowing those differences to create conflict, celebrate them. Together you and your co-workers can all cultivate a sense of inner coolness. Visit us again tomorrow for a midweek Mood Boost with our Wednesday Wellness: Chill edition!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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