How To Check Your Gloomy Mood At The Door

by Aug 27, 2020

The skies in Boston may be cloudy today, but that doesn’t mean your mood needs to be gloomy, too. Don’t let the overcast weather get you down! Instead, check your troubles at the door (whether that be the entryway to your bedroom or to your office!) and bring a positive attitude with you into your workspace. You’ll brighten not only your own day, but that of everyone you interact with. Every single professional interaction you have offers up a new opportunity. Keeping a positive attitude will help keep your judgment from getting clouded, allowing you to both notice and appreciate every chance that comes your way. The pros that we’ve turned to below offer up key techniques to boosting your mood to any professional setting.


Rob Wormley at the When I Work blog suggests this method that’ll help you remember your own unique strengths:  “Don’t rely on an outside source of positivity. Carry a positive attitude with you. Think of a positive attitude like a survival tool: carry it with you at all times for emergencies. Whether you rely on a phrase that you repeat over and over when times are stressful or you have some other trick to help resurrect and keep a positive attitude, be sure to come up with a mechanism that doesn’t rely on someone else or a specific situation.” Keep a toolkit at hand to help boost your mood! This might include physical objects like fidget spinners or stress balls. Or it might just feature mental mechanisms–and if you’re ever looking for those, you can always check out our blog for our regularly updated inspirational sayings! It can also be helpful to write those sayings down, connecting with them in an active fashion instead of the more passive method of only thinking about their message. Be sure to include a variety of methods in your internal positivity toolkit, as that will allow you optimal flexibility in addressing whatever obstacles come your way.


Speaking of potential obstacles, Paul Petrone at the LinkedIn Learning blog provides this stellar tip to help you get through any difficult task:  “Think through the worst-case scenario. Ever been stuck on a problem or a worry that’s just going over and over in your mind and you can’t seem to get past it? Here’s a great technique to use. Say there’s something you are worried about. Ask yourself, what’s the worst-case scenario that could happen? Many times, the worst-case scenario isn’t even that bad. Or, it’s so unlikely, you know it’s not going to happen. More importantly, even if the worst-case scenario is bad, you can start to take steps to avoid it. If you are giving a big presentation, run through the presentation over and over under different situations, so you feel comfortable no matter what. Test your equipment and bring backup, so you know your technology will work on presentation day. Thinking through the worst-case scenario often reveals that the stakes aren’t as high as you are making them to be. Equally important, you can start making an action plan to avoid it, which will give you added confidence.” And feeling confident is a phenomenal source of positivity! Being prepared will enable you to access that sense of confidence. This is another case where writing steps down can also really come in handy. Just as you’d write out a packing list in advance of travel, write out each action that you need to engage in in order to complete your big task, as well as any preparatory measures you’ll be taking. This will provide another safeguard to keep you from forgetting any important elements in tackling your presentations and projects–and successfully executing those is a key contributor to professional happiness.


Embrace your successes. It’s okay to take a moment to celebrate! Even if your accomplishment doesn’t feel like a big deal, it’s important to acknowledge that you’ve done what needed to get done no matter your external circumstances. Speaking of those situations, it’s incredibly important to check any personal baggage you’re hanging onto at the door. Let go of what doesn’t serve you. That way you can approach each and every moment at work with a renewed sense of positive energy. Be sure to visit us again tomorrow for our Feel Good Friday: Happiness edition for even more sources of inspiration for your workplace positivity toolkit!

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

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