Feel Good Friday: Calm

by Nov 6, 2020

Happy Friday! You’ve made it through every obstacle this week has thrown at you—and we know that this is a week that has felt much more like a marathon than a sprint. Given the adrenaline needed to make it through, you may find yourself encountering difficulties when it comes to unwinding. Take a deep breath. Know that just as you have made it through all of the external tasks you’ve had to tackle, you can also establish a sense of internal call. So, take another deep breath! And check out the says that we’ve highlighted for you today this Feel Good Friday:



It is okay to feel like a work-in-progress; in fact, that’s the best way to approach all of your professional endeavors, as it’s a sign that you care about what you are doing, and that you are striving to make progress. One of the ways in which you can both maintain and spread a sense of calm to do make sure you are responding to the circumstances that arise around you in your workplace with a sense of self-control. And we know you can do that, especially with this week’s sayings and tips! Make sure that you are also carving out moments of calm for yourself, making time to acknowledge your own successes and allow them to create a lasting sense of peace to take you through the rest of your workday and all throughout your weekend. Speaking of which, have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday for our newest set of Mood Boosters!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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