Finding Mental Clarity At Work

by Nov 17, 2020

We know it’s easy to get swept up in the latest news cycle or distracted by social media. And as understandable as those tendencies are amidst our current, unprecedented circumstances, unfortunately employers are far more likely to view your scrolling as a detriment, to see your use of time while on the clock as detracting from your organization’s goals rather than adding to a common knowledge pool. So today we’re focusing on helping you focus! Think of that mental clarity in terms of both the big picture and smaller tasks that you’ll need to tackle on the journey towards your goals. Consider both your overarching motivations and the concrete steps you’ll take to get there. All of the above will help you find greater mental clarity in any professional environment. As will all of the below! Check out what the pros have to say on the best ways to clear your mind while in your workplace.


Isabelle Salemme at Pipefy offers up a great starting place for your journey towards mental clarity: “Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions. The most productive professionals in the world have named distraction as productivity’s number one enemyNever lose sight of your goals along with your journey. Every time you feel tempted to waste some time checking out your Facebook feed or watching your favorite YouTube channels, remember what’s at stake. Sustainable continuous improvements are part of a slow evolutionary process. It feeds off consistent progress. Make sure you remember that. Focus on taking one step at a time and completing the previous task before starting a new one.” Keep your focus on growing forwards and upwards rather than getting bogged down by negativity in the past and present. Remember, too, that your colleagues are counting on you to help them keep on task as well! And that they’ll be sure to return the favor whenever you need as well, strengthening your workplace community. Staying on task will ensure that you’re the most alert you can be, which means you’ll be the most aware of even further opportunities to grow as they arise all around you in your professional environment. 


We also love this comprehensive set of quick tips from Kirstin Douglas at Eminent SEO: “Use Reminders and Alerts. Ever driven home and realized you don’t remember the trip? Your brain was on autopilot. This is a state of low energy, one which is almost dreamy – very unmindful. In fact, the word mindful means to remember. Unfortunately, most people who see the benefits of mindfulness and even practice it forget to be mindful! Autopilot means you are not 100 percent present in the moment, and that you are barely aware that the moment is in front of you. You can’t be creative, plan or respond properly if you are operating on low power. You just can’t do it, Captain. You don’t have the power! So let’s give you back the power! Try these tips: Use alarms on your phone. Do this even if your phone is on vibrate so that it’s not driving your coworkers crazy. Use your calendar. Set appointments with yourself. Add some art. Keep a small note or a picture on your desk to remind you to be mindful.” Letting your potential shine through during these turbulent times is a great way to inspire all of those around you, making yourself even more indispensable to any professional environment. And putting together a piece of art to serve as your mindfulness reminder offers up a fun way to grow your creativity. The combination of highlighted tips offer up an adaptable array of methods for staying in the present no matter your workplace.


And these tips will all help keep you focused on the big picture, utilizing quick tips along the way to creating long-term, lasting change. Make sure to switch between both views; this will also help you maintain focus at work as changes in activity help give your concentration a boost! It’s also okay to disconnect from the news to better focus on those things that are under your sphere of control–such as your calendar, your alarm and reminder system, and the way you add personal touches to wherever you are working. This will allow you to take a holistic approach to finding mental clarity at work as you make changes to both your interior and exterior spaces. Join us again tomorrow for a mid-week reminder on ways to keep your head clear with our Wednesday Wellness: Clarity edition!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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