Supporting Black-Owned Small Businesses in Boston

by Feb 11, 2021

In continuing our special focus on honoring Black History Month, today we’re turning to the City of Boston’s Office of Economic Development’s list of more than 500 Black and Brown-owned businesses throughout Boston. List includes everything from restaurants to photography services to architectural design–and even more! We encourage you to take your time with the list, to look it over and find ways to support these small businesses not just in February but throughout the year. In the meantime, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites to highlight. Check them out below!


Who doesn’t love to get their morning off to a great start with a well-balanced breakfast? Exodus Bagels, a Black-owned and woman-owned restaurant based in Roslindale. Open Thursday-Sunday from 8AM to 1PM, takeout and e-gift cards are available. They offer a number of tasty, savory sandwiches as well as baked sweets. Find some delicious inspiration by purchasing your first meal of the day from Exodus. 


We also love Frugal Bookstore, another Black-owned and woman-owned business based in Roxbury. They open at 10AM Monday-Saturday, though you can order from them online at any time. While you’re on their site, you can also purchase an e-gift card for a friend! And if you don’t see the book you’re looking for, Frugal will special order any book that you can’t find. We encourage you to continue listening and learning from Black voices while also supporting a Black-owned small business by shopping at Frugal.


While National Pizza Day may have just passed, pizza is definitely an anytime food. Which is why we recommend checking out Rock City Pizza. Located in Allston, this Black-owned restaurant is open seven days a week starting from 10AM onwards for both pickup and delivery. They’re even open until 3AM on Thursdays-Saturdays for all your late night needs. You can also purchase e-gift cards at any time. We love this fun way to stay fueled! Make sure to keep Rock City Pizza in your delivery rotation.


And those are just three of the many Black-owned businesses in neighborhoods across Boston. We truly do encourage you to visit that list, incorporating these businesses into your purchasing habits as well as finding inspiration in the vibrant variety of options available. We know that diversity strengthens our city and want to make sure that these small businesses keep striving. So, make sure to provide your support not just in February but year round! And visit us again tomorrow as we finish out the week with another look at ways to honor Black History Month while also honoring the important Black voices in our present times.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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