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How To Be The Fresh Air In Your Workplace

by Mar 2, 2021

With March newly beginning, this week we’ll be focusing on just that–beginnings. From the first impressions you make in your employment placements to the clean slate each day offers up, make the most out of every moment. As Kelly Nguyen at ProSky points out, “You never get a second chance at making a first impression.” Today’s blog post focuses on how to impress your employers straight out of the gate. While we know you have what it takes to ace any tasks that come your way, let your employers see it too! With spring in the air, fresh starts are all around you. We’ve turned to the pros below for ways to ensure a great beginning at any workplace.


In addition to the above, Nguyen adds, “Confidence is key. It’s your first day and you should be proud. Body language and posture are crucial when it comes to projecting confidence. By being confident, you’ll have an easier time meeting new people and will make others feel more comfortable around you. Conversations will flow easier and you’ll feel a lot more at ease with yourself. So don’t be nervous! You’ve already shown that you’re just as qualified as everyone else to be there.” Much as smiling regardless of how you’re feeling is a surefire way to improve your mood, acting confident will help you feel confident. Remember that your new employers and colleagues want you to succeed as much as your staffing agency does. You’re going to be set up for success–so act like it!


Speaking of connecting with your community, and especially important given current events, make sure you’re following Dawn Rosenberg McKay at the balance careers’s suggestion: “Call in Sick to Work When You Should. Do you think coming to work when you’re sick instead of staying at home will impress your boss? You’re wrong. Reasonable bosses know that sick employees are not only unproductive, but they can also spread germs around the office. What good will it do anyone if an entire staff has to take a sick day? If you have a fever or think your illness might be contagious, then take the day off.” You have an impact on your professional environment. Make sure it’s just your performance affecting those around you and not your illness. Those around you will appreciate the consideration you demonstrate by taking their needs into account as well as your own. 


Keep these tips in mind so that you can establish a confident and healthy beginning to your employment. Both your positive attitude–as displayed through your confidence–and your concern for those around you will lead to a happier, more productive workplace. And no one could ask for a better method to get off to a great start in any professional environment. Check out our Wednesday Wellness: Beginnings edition tomorrow for even more ways to serve as a welcome breath of fresh air in your workplace. 


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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