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Getting Off To A Fresh Start Each And Every Day

by Mar 4, 2021

Friday is almost here! As the end of the week draws closer, we’re by discussing ways to reinvigorate your approach to your workplace. Whether it’s your first day or your 101st, you’ll want to make sure you’re consistently bringing the same burst of energy to your professional performance. Take a moment to breathe in some of the fresh spring air all around us and to soak in the sunlight as the days stay lighter for longer, then dive into these surefire steps offered up by the pros that will no doubt allow you to serve as an inspiration to everyone around you in your workplace community through your commitment to your role. 


Turning back to Kelly Nguyen at ProSky, we’ve found another great tip: “Be an attentive listener. When someone is talking to you, you want to show him or her that you’re listening and paying attention.  Focus on the other person. Try to maintain eye contact as they’re speaking and try not to get distracted. Listening is important to establishing and maintaining relationships.” Taking these steps will help you to better process information that your bosses and colleagues are relaying to you. Showing that you can retain and understand information will provide a boost to your ability to tackle every task put before you, impressing everyone around you. Think of active listening as a method of both interpersonal connection and professional development. Pay attention to every conversation as if it’s your first day on the job and you’re newly receiving instructions that you’ll need to remember throughout your time in that particular professional environment.


And you can make the most out of your time in any workplace by utilizing this suggestion from Angela Copeland at LiveCareer: “Take Initiative. In most situations, you will be given small doses of work at the beginning of a new job, especially on your first day at work. Starting slowly allows you to get your feet wet without getting overwhelmed. As you finish assignments and are ready to handle a bigger workload, take the initiative and ask for more assignments.” Just as spring is a time for growth, set yourself up for workplace success and chances to blossom by taking on new responsibilities. Make sure you’re applying the same attention to detail to your new tasks as you would to any freshly received assignment. Taking on more work will also free up your co-workers and employers to accomplish even more, allowing for the whole garden of your workplace community to flourish.


While with Contemporaries’ 98% placement success rate you’ll likely only need to make a real first impression in your workplace once, remember that every single day offers up a new beginning. Think about the new opportunities every single workplace interaction presents to you. Each task and project you’re asked to complete can be a fresh start. Take initiative in seeking out those tasks and projects. And make sure that you’re listening and learning along the way! Join us again tomorrow as we finish out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Beginnings edition.


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