Navigating New Paths In Your Professional Environment

by Mar 25, 2021

Part of having hope is being willing to lean into the unknown, knowing you’ll come out the other side. We know you can do it, too! While living in unprecedented circumstances may mean navigating uncharted territories, don’t lose hope. We know that you have the ability to persevere as you make your way through any new circumstances your professional environment brings your way. After all, change is an inevitable part of life, and you’ve already made it this far! The pros we’ve turned to below will help inspire you to keep on going, no matter the changes you may encounter in your workplace. 


While these tips for cultivating hope in any professional environment are geared towards employers, Linda at Integrated Success’s suggestions are also applicable to employees: “Be a sounding board to help your [colleagues] work through their uncertainty and be open to new possibilities.” Make sure your co-workers know that you’re a safe person to approach and bounce new ideas off of. That way they’ll be inspired to return the favor whenever you have an innovative solution that can offer up a positive change for the whole team. This will demonstrate your leadership qualities to your bosses, showing them that you’re ready to take on new responsibilities at your workplace, and that you’re ready to be considered for new roles. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from owning your knowledge. You can utilize the insights you’ve gained about your colleagues to help members of your team navigate any new paths that may arise within your professional environment.


Looking beyond our present, unprecedented circumstances to the opportunities beyond, Tracy Brower at Forbes offers up thoughts on “How Optimism Can Help Your Career”: “Be Present. One of the hallmarks of pessimism is worrying about the future and negativism that can spiral out of control. One of the strategies for optimism is to stay more focused on the present. In fact, a brand new study from MIT found middle school students who practiced mindfulness experienced less stress. Be present in each meeting and each interaction with colleagues. Focus and give your best in every moment knowing that investment in the now will result in a positive future.” You can’t know or control what the future has to hold. Focus on what you can do in the here and now, on ways to cultivate hope in your life and the lives of your colleagues. Demonstrating that kind of leadership is a surefire way to navigate any new pathways that open up in your workplace with a hopeful mindset. You can also let today’s first tip inspire your methods for remaining present by asking your colleagues for suggestions as well, which will show that you’ve paid attention to the ways their unique professional skill sets complement your own.


Make sure that you’re practicing active listening in each and every conversation with your colleagues so that you co-workers know that they can trust you to be a sounding board, working through new circumstances in a collaborative fashion that will inspire everyone in your workplace to proceed with a positive attitude. While you’re having these conversations, you’ll want to also make sure that you’re remaining fully present. Ask questions of your colleagues to help better understand how you can work together to navigate new pathways in your workplace. Leave behind the negative elements from obstacles you’ve previously encountered, and instead view those challenges as opportunities that you had a chance to learn from and to further develop your sense of hope.  Check back tomorrow to close out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Hope edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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