Staying Mentally Present at Work Each and Every Day

by Apr 1, 2021

Given our focus this week on taking things day to day, our suggestions today offer up ways to help you stay mentally present in your workplace, one day at a time. We know that it can be easy to lose focus. Take a moment to acknowledge that. The world offers up plenty of fun distractions as well as uncertain circumstances, and we know that as much as you may wish to completely switch gears at the start of your work day, it can be difficult to clear your head. It truly is okay to find yourself momentarily distracted–after all, you’re only human. But you’ll need to also find ways to be able to stay mentally present at work each and every day. So check out the suggestions we’ve gathered from the pros below to help you get your head back in the game by maintaining mindfulness in the present.


We love this comprehensive set of quick tips from Kirstin Douglas at Eminent SEO: “Use Reminders and Alerts. Ever driven home and realized you don’t remember the trip? Your brain was on autopilot. This is a state of low energy, one which is almost dreamy – very unmindful. In fact, the word mindful means to remember. Unfortunately, most people who see the benefits of mindfulness and even practice it forget to be mindful! Autopilot means you are not 100 percent present in the moment, and that you are barely aware that the moment is in front of you. You can’t be creative, plan or respond properly if you are operating on low power. You just can’t do it, Captain. You don’t have the power! So let’s give you back the power! Try these tips: Use alarms on your phone. Do this even if your phone is on vibrate so that it’s not driving your coworkers crazy. Use your calendar. Set appointments with yourself. Add some art. Keep a small note or a picture on your desk to remind you to be mindful.” Letting your potential shine through during these uncertain times is a great way to inspire all of those around you, making yourself even more indispensable to any professional environment. And putting together a piece of art to serve as your mindfulness reminder offers up a fun way to grow your creativity. The combination of highlighted tips offer up an adaptable array of methods for staying in the present no matter your workplace. Taking steps each and every day to reach towards your ideal version of yourself is another great way to make sure you’re fully showing up in your professional environment.


Shannon Houde at Thrive Global also provides a surefire method for regaining concentration: “Connect with your senses. Even one minute of consciously connecting with one of your senses can be classified as a mindful exercise. You don’t need to close your eyes. You don’t even need to be sitting down. Simply connect with your body. Perhaps try to slow down as you walk to your car, check in with your senses and release any tension. Be aware as your heel and toes touch the earth.” Whether you’re working on site or remotely, you can practice this advice– on your break you can take a lap around your apartment, or the block around your office building. Even though working amidst our present unprecedented circumstances may have you feeling disconnected from your coworkers due to the many changes you’ve encountered, it’s important to approach your work holistically. So take a deep breath. Unclench your jaw. And take a drink of water! These small actions will make a big impact when it comes to staying mentally present at work each and every day.


Keep these tips and tricks in your toolkit when you feel yourself getting distracted. You can take a holistic approach to staying focused through using a variety of methodologies, utilizing technology, art, and even exercise to help keep you mentally present in any workplace. Move through your work week day by day, making sure to realize the fresh start that each new day offers. Even the challenges you encounter offer up chances to grow within your professional environment. Keeping an open mind and remaining present in your workplace will allow you to encounter more and more opportunities. We’ll see you back here tomorrow to close out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Day by Day edition.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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