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Monday Mood Booster: Pause

by Apr 12, 2021

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and restorative weekend. Our focus lately has been on ways to keep moving forward. And while you’ll want to make sure you’re maintaining a positive trajectory, it’s also important to take time to slow down: to hit the pause button and reflect on your professional strengths as well as your areas of opportunity. It’s okay to take time in the here and now to honestly assess your workplace skills; taking a moment now will help save you countless minutes down the line as you’ll be better able to strategize ahead of time.  The affirmations we’ve assembled for you today will help you to remember that it’s okay to take a moment to pause:



It’s alright to not have all the answers right this very second! Consider what it is that you CAN do amidst your current circumstances in the workplace and beyond. And then do it! Have you been meaning to clean your apartment? This is a perfect time to organize your living and working space. If you’re working on-site, you can also take a moment to organize your desk. Recognize the opportunities that pressing pause opens up. Remember that even if it feels like your life is on hold while we continue navigating these unprecedented circumstances, there are many paths to explore. Let yourself explore them. And we’ll see you back here tomorrow for even more ways to make the most of each moment of every day in your professional environment.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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