Helping Yourself and Others During Downtime

by Apr 15, 2021

It can be easy to feel down and disconnected during this time of uncertainty. And especially during this week of April showers! While there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel shining, we know that you may be feeling like you’ve had to put your life on hold. But there are plenty of opportunities that you can explore to help you holistically, both during and before/after your work day. Today we’re highlighting ways to use your downtime that’ll help you recharge and return to your workplace (whether remote or in-person) each and every day feeling refreshed, as well as tips for strengthening your workplace community. Check out what the pros below have to say about how to make the most of the moments where you’ve figuratively hit the pause button.


Kileen Robinson at Lifehack provides this excellent–and fun–suggestion for ways to make the most out of your downtime outside of work: “Start the new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Who says downtime productivity has to be boring? Extra time off is perfect for starting a new hobby, especially if you’ve had one in mind for a while. This is a great time to Google, take notes, and bookmark some excellent resources that’ll help you get started. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even dive right in—you can usually start hobbies such as photography, arts and crafts, right away with what you have at home.” We know it may feel strange (or even difficult) to deliberately devote time and energy to having fun, especially during our current unprecedented circumstances, making time for joy is an important component to leading a balanced life. Finding that balance will allow you to show up as your best self in your professional environment. And it’s okay to establish a healthy work-life balance! Trying out something new provides an exciting boost to your mood that will carry over into everything else you do. So make sure to take time to open upon your mind to new possibilities by exploring that new hobby you’ve been putting off starting.


And once you’ve got that extra bit of energy from recharging during your pre- or post-work downtime, you can use it to help others at your organization. Sara McCord at The Muse offers up this useful tip: “Help Out. You have time to spare, but what about your colleagues? Are any of the other departments in an all-hands-on-deck phase? This is a great opportunity for you to learn about other parts of the organization or gain some new skills. And even if there’s only need for an envelope-stuffer, your colleagues will definitely appreciate it (and hopefully return the favor next time you need some extra help). If no one needs your assistance, look for new projects. Browse through your organization’s website for typos or pictures that could be replaced. Read your promotional materials—could something be changed or clearer next time they’re updated? Your boss will be happy that you took the initiative and notice your interest in the organization as a whole.” This is a great way for your unique professional strengths to shine during any slower times on the clock! Your employer will definitely remember your contributions to the company once the pace picks up at work. Helping others is also a surefire mood booster in the workplace and beyond.You can also utilize the new skills and information you’ve learned from others 


Connecting to others is especially important during this era of social distancing. Reaching out to your co-workers to see if they need any assistance (or want to join you in trying out a fun new hobby!) forms bonds that will last throughout these uncertain circumstances–and beyond. Look to this point in time as a source of opportunity rather than a hindrance. During moments where you’re pressing pause, practice gratitude for how far you’re already come on your professional journey. That’s definitely something worth celebrating with a new activity! And remember that you’re not going through this along; you have your workplace community alongside you each step of the way, no matter the current pace in your workplace. For one more bit of inspiration, visit us again tomorrow as we close out the week with our Feel Good Friday: Pause edition!


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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