To the Class of 2021: Congratulations and Welcome!

by May 17, 2021

You’ve spent the last several years  working hard on your education, taking steps towards your degree, and finally earning the title of “Graduate.” Congratulations! What you’ve just done is a huge accomplishment. You should be enormously proud of yourself and all of your achievements in and of themselves, but especially because you are now part of a select group who will go on to shape the future. Contemporaries is here to help you make that big transition into the next phase of your life.  



Serving the Greater Boston area for over 20 years, Contemporaries has established many great relationships with a wide range of clients, from non-profits to colleges, to private sector businesses and government entities. What does that mean for you? A foot through the door to the working world, and a position that you might never otherwise be able to access on your own. We’re here to connect you with a diverse array of great workplaces. We also offer a very inclusive environment, and our workforce is as different and unique as the City itself.



Thanks to our strong relationships with local organizations and businesses, Contemporaries is the perfect place to launch your career as you transition from the academic world to the workplace beyond.



Contemporaries can help you:


  • Start earning a steady income to take the bite out of your student loans and living expenses
  • Showcase your current skills while learning ones in a position that will be the right match 
  • Stand out during your interviews with employers who may facilitate your transition from contract employee to full-time staff member.
  • Navigate any workplace issues or questions you have while launching or continuing your career



So, what are you waiting for? Apply today! Let Contemporaries help you in your quest for your next great success.



Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


This posting is brought to you by Contemporaries Inc., one of the best temp agencies in Boston MA. Also available for payrolling employees in Boston and Greater Boston

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