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You Can Succeed Even When Change Is Constant

by Jun 3, 2021

Today’s unprecedented circumstances can make navigating your workplace feel overwhelming. But don’t panic! You’re going through this time of change alongside everyone else in your professional community. Remember that you’ve established strong patterns that can provide a leaping off point for any new situation that arises. And acknowledge that change happens all the time! You’ve made it through past changes already; you can make it through new ones, too. As more and more organizations return to in-person work environments, we know you’ll be able to handle the act of re-familiarizing yourself with old processes, even if they may feel new after your time away. The pros we’ve turned to below offer up some surefire methods for navigating more workplace changes.


We love this reminder from Angela Kambouris at Eden: “Success Leaves Clues. When dealing with change, often it’s the unknown that is scary. One way to break through the resistance is to imagine all the different possible outcomes and identify the best- and worst-case scenario. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? Another strategy may be to connect with the last time you experienced a significant change and how you achieved the results you wanted. Identify the strategies you adopted and replicate.” Take a moment to breathe. Remember how you’ve handled similar situations in the past, and make a plan based on your previous successes rather than succumbing to a knee-jerk reaction. Keeping calm under pressure is also a great way to support your bosses and colleagues, allowing your leadership qualities to shine through. You can harness the ways in which you’ve changed during these times to your advantage. After all, you’ve encountered plenty of new circumstances along the way. You’ve already left a whole trail of clues along the path of your success. Now keep going!


Dan Schawbel at Quick Base provides another stellar tip: “Recognize that change is constant. People have several careers and jobs in their lifetime and companies are constantly moving employees from group to group based on current needs. You will have change happen to you whether you like it or not so you must accept that reality. The good thing about change is that it prevents you from getting bored in your current role and challenges you to work on projects that you haven’t before.” Change doesn’t have to be scary–look for the silver linings in new opportunities. Think of them as a way to shake off any old, bad habits and return to your work with renewed energy. After all, as the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” Finding a positive way to frame your circumstances will also provide a source of light to everyone around you, in your workplace and beyond.


Accept the things you cannot change while embracing change when and where you can. Leave behind what doesn’t serve you and imagine a future built off the successful foundation you’ve established. And be sure to lean into the types of change that best highlight your strength; not everyone is the same and that’s okay! We know that you have the ability to recognize your successes, and to let that recognition contribute to your strengths. But don’t worry about having all the answers–know that you can always turn to your workplace community for support as you navigate newly unfamiliar circumstances.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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