What Staffing Agencies Look for in Candidates

by May 31, 2022

Do you want to know the secrets to making a great impression on a staffing agency Recruiter? Here are a couple of tips as well as insight on what Recruiters are looking for.

First, they want the type of candidate who will take their job search activities seriously and be professional in all they do. Unlike employment agencies or Headhunters which receive compensation from candidates they place (usually one third of the individual’s annual salary, in positions, staffing firms do not charge job seekers anything. 

Whether a candidate lands an initial interview with a staffing agency Recruiter, or moves directly on to a virtual meeting with a client, all depends on the candidate themselves.

Here are some do’s  if you want to impress an agency Recruiter, land a job, and move on to the next level of your career path.


  • Make sure your resume looks professional visually and in terms of content. Many positions require strong attention to detail so make sure you not only conduct a spell check but also go back over the document and read it word for word before submitting it to anyone. If your experience in a certain field is less than 10 years, a single-page resume works best.
  • Call in or get on a virtual interview a few minutes early to ensure there are no technical difficulties when your interview begins.
  • Start your job search after, rather than before you go on vacation. Recruiters will want you to be available for an interview and a potential job start sooner rather than later.
  • Be frank with a Recruiter. If you have several interviews already scheduled, let them know that. Most Recruiters will give you some time to see what happens with the other potential positions. Recruiters want to fill positions with quality workers who not only can do the job, but who will also remain in the position once they commit.
  • Follow the policies and rules and meet deadlines. If a Recruiter requests paperwork or other materials by a set deadline, make sure you honor the request by or before the deadline.
  • Apply for positions you are qualified for, not those you’d simply like to work in.
  • Read the entire content of emails and other correspondence. In today’s digital and technology environment, most tend to skim over a text, document, or email and in turn tend to miss words or requests such as confirming a specific time for a call or interview or that you are in receipt of information.
  • Finally, put your best and most positive foot forward! Negativity is an opportunity killer, while being upbeat and optimistic is contagious. Think about which type of person you would like to speak to or spend time working with.

There are hundreds and thousands of job seekers at any given time. If you follow these very simple tips, your chances are greatly increased that you’ll impress a staffing agency Recruiter and go to the top of the list in terms of qualified and “best” candidates who should be placed on assignment.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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