Thank You Boston Candidates and Clients for 25 Great Years!

by Feb 7, 2023

Many new exciting and interesting happenings occurred in 1998. Bill Clinton was President, while Newt Gingrich was the Speaker of the House. It was a time when the blockbuster hit, Titanic, dominated the Oscars as well as movie theaters and became the first picture to gross over $1 billion. The New York Yankees won the World Series while the Denver Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers to win the Superbowl.

Celine Dion topped the music charts with “My Heart Will Go On,” and children in America were getting their first introduction to the popular Harry Potter book series. Other youngsters spent their time playing with those ever so loud and animated Furby toys. was also launched during the same year.

Closer to home, Contemporaries, Inc. a Boston-based staffing firm opened its doors for business on February 3. Owner and CEO Donna Fitzgerald, who had already spent a decade in the industry, wanted to put her knowledge and experience to work but with a different business model. She did not opt for the standard cookie cutter approach where resumes were the main tool for matching candidates and clients. And, she did not want to utilize the traditional formula of placing as many people as possible into positions as quickly as possible. Fitzgerald wanted a more personalized, holistic approach, and one which was focused on quality much more so than quantity.

She set out by writing her own software program, which included all the pertinent types of information and data which would help lead to more perfectly aligned client-candidate matches. The fact that some nine out of 10 temporary Contemporaries employees have transitioned into permanent roles where Recruiters placed them, is a testament to her success. Her staffing achievements have been consistent year after year with more candidates converting to permanent roles than ever before. In addition to providing contract temporary staff, the agency has also placed many highly qualified individuals into Direct Hire positions, and still more in payrolled slots.

A Boston native herself, Fitzgerald knew firsthand the type of diverse talent pool the City had to offer. She understood that many residents of the Greater Boston area just needed an opportunity to prove themselves and a little help getting a foot through the door. Fitzgerald also found that many clients were not only looking for candidates who fit the bill skills and experience wise, but they wanted individuals who would fit in well with the rest of the team on a long-term basis.

While naysayers told her it was too hard to open her own shop, Fitzgerald would not be deterred. By 1999, Contemporaries had grossed its first million and scores of local residents and clients were paired into great matches, many times exceeding expectations on both sides.

From a handful of candidates at the beginning, Fitzgerald continued to grow the firm subsequently placing thousands of individuals in positions and helping them launch their careers. From a modest number of initial clients, Contemporaries has served hundreds from all venues over the years. In fact, many clients have been with the staffing firm since the start.

“I’m so grateful for all the excellent and talented employees we have helped over the years,” Fitzgerald noted, “as well as for the many clients who placed their trust in us to help match them with that perfect candidate.”

“My staff and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped make Contemporaries the success story it is today,” Fitzgerald concluded.
As another affirmation of Contemporaries’ realized accomplishments, the agency was recently honored as being named one of the top 10 staffing firms in Boston for 2023. To read more about the awards program, you can click here.


Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.

This posting is brought to you by Contemporaries Inc., one of the best temp agencies in Boston MA. Also available for payrolling employees in Boston and Greater Boston

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