All Staffing Firms Are Not the Same When it Comes to Placements

by Jun 9, 2022

The standards for staffing agencies, when selecting a candidate for a specific position, may differ slightly, to drastically, depending on the types of job, the client, the length of assignment, as well as how the Recruiter is compensated. Traditionally, a firm may compensate their Recruiters via bonuses based on the volume of placements made in a week, month, or quarter. In this case, the objective would be to get as many people placed in positions.

Contemporaries, Inc. operates with a different model and one using a different set of goals in. Since all of our employees are salaried, whether a Recruiter places 10 candidates or 30, their pay remains the same. The model incentivizes the Recruiter to focus much more on quality placements rather than quantity.

There may be instances when generic type candidates will do, however, Contemporaries like to use a more sophisticated pairing method based on the unique needs of both the client as well as the candidate. By not being bound by the same volume based goals, Contemporaries Recruiters instead look for candidates who not only have good skill sets, but also possess the ability to grow with a position and meet and exceed the client’s own expectations.

By the same token, when deciding who the best candidate is for a specific assignment, Recruiters can concentrate on the type of position or work environment and culture with which the job seeker will be most satisfied with. Only through conversations with both the client and candidate does a more holistic picture emerge which greatly helps the Recruiter to create an optimal match and one which will be beneficial and successful for all concerned.

Whether you are a candidate or a client, you can decide whether you are looking for a more generalized or generic worker or situation, or one which takes a more individualized approach.

Word of mouth as well as reading reviews should help both clients and candidates get a better understanding of the type of staffing agency they will be dealing with when it comes to making a choice.

Image retrieved from Pixabay under the public domain.


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